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Give to Rivendell

Rivendell operates on a modest budget, and because of God’s abundant provision, the generosity of many, and the wise and careful stewardship of our Board, faculty, and staff, we have covered our costs every year.  Rivendell School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We excitedly announce plans to break ground on our new building in December 2018, with completion of the project anticipated in just over 18 months.  After removing a portion of the current facility, the new building will be constructed on the property directly north of our current academic wing.  Once construction is complete, the old academic wing will be removed and replaced with a courtyard/green space.

As we prepare for "the next chapter" at Rivendell, our current community of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and trustees expects the new building will provide a tailor-made environment for us to "explore God's world and discover [our] place in it" for many years to come.

Rivendell has been incredibly blessed throughout this process.  Generous donors have committed to covering the full cost of the building itself.  The costs shared by our community include architectural, engineering, and interior costs.  We are grateful that many former and current families have already contributed to our Building Campaign.

We invite all friends of Rivendell to consider making a financial contribution of any size.  We hope you will find great joy by participating in the blessing of giving.  We are grateful for all gifts, and take delight in seeing the number of participants in our Building Campaign grow.  Please prayerfully consider joining with us in launching "the next chapter," furthering the educational mission of Rivendell School well into the future!

Rivendell’s founders determined that we would be a school that would live within our means.  To that end, tuition at Rivendell covers 93% of the cost to educate our children and, therefore, 7% of our annual operating needs must be brought in through fundraising.  The Annual Fund accomplishes this goal through the generosity of current and former parents and alumni.  This money goes directly into Rivendell’s operating budget and helps to cover many important costs such as teacher salaries, classroom expenses, building mortgage and maintenance, office staff, and other expenses.  Our Annual Fund goal this year as in years past is $100,000.

The objectives of the Annual Fund have not changed.  We seek 100% participation of the current Rivendell families so that we each take part financially, no matter the amount, to support the school.  And we invite all friends of Rivendell School to partner with us by prayerfully and, if possible, financially contributing.  We seek to honor the Lord with whatever we receive by using it toward the faithful implementation of our mission: helping children explore God’s world and discover their place in it.

Please prayerfully consider what you are able to give to this year’s Annual Fund, and thank you in advance for your investment in the lives of our children.

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