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Rivendell School is a learning community. The admission process reflects our commitment to community by interviewing parents and not focusing solely on the child applying. Parents are interviewed to ensure that they understand and support Rivendell’s philosophy of education.

The child’s application is reviewed for grade readiness and for learning differences or needs that Rivendell School may not be equipped to accommodate. Rivendell takes into consideration sibling priority, alumni status, and gender balance and welcomes students from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

To apply, please access our Online Application.  (We recommend the use of the Firefox browser for the online application.)

If you choose to submit a paper application instead (available in fillable pdf), the application forms are linked below.

To complete an application, the following must be submitted:
  1. Student Application Form
  2. Application Fee: $60 per student, not to exceed $120 per family, payable by check to Rivendell School
  3. Confidential Student Recommendation Form for Kindergarten or Grade 1, or Confidential Student Recommendation Form for Grades 2-8*
  4. Copies of two previous years' report cards for applicants to Grades 2-8, or Kindergarten report card for Grade 1 applicants
  5. Standardized Testing records and any pertinent academic testing information
  6. Confidential Scholarship Application, if applicable​​​
Note: Adobe Reader is recommended for fillable pdf forms.
*Please choose the appropriate Student Recommendation Form, based on the grade of the applying student. The Recommendation Form is to be completed by your child’s current teacher. For Kindergarten or homeschooled students, the form should be completed by a non-family member who has worked with your child in a group or classroom setting. Recommendation Forms should be sent by mail or email directly from the recommender to Rivendell School. 

Completed applications should be emailed to or mailed to:

           Rivendell School Admissions
           5700 Lee Highway
           Arlington, VA 22207

(PLEASE NOTE: The Firefox browser is recommended for the online application.)