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Our Chapel building is home to our weekly assemblies as well as many other events.  We call our student gathering each Friday “Assembly” and not “Chapel" because this gives opportunity for a wide range of speakers, not just Believers. This name also removes the dualism that sometimes accompanies a Christian school experience in which there are times which are “sacred” and times which are “secular.” We believe that all of life should be an act of worship, not just the times when we sing in the chapel building, and “Assembly” supports this perspective.

Assembly is a time of joyous, smile-filled worship led by our oldest students, a time of quiet listening as parents and others share their stories, and a time for each class to teach one another about something they have been learning.  Each student and faculty attends and participates in the Assembly, and many parents and younger siblings enjoy joining in the balcony and worshipping along with their students each week.