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Rivendell Distinctives


Biblical World View

The conviction that all truth comes from God and that all areas of Rivendell’s school life are to be understood in light of the Bible.

Integral Curriculum

The full range of academic subjects presented in thematic units of study, reflecting the wholeness of God’s created order.

Character Development

An emphasis on the development of character qualities through biblical reflection, role modeling, and opportunities for meaningful service to others in need.

Multi-Faceted Teaching Approach

Incorporating lectures for acquiring organized information, coaching to develop academic skills, seminar discussions to enlarge the grasp of ideas and values, and hands-on experiences to gain the concrete understanding needed to progress to abstract reasoning.

Being Known

A supportive, relational environment of small classes in which each child is known and is encouraged to exercise healthy habits of heart and mind.

Required Parental Involvement

Parents who are part of their children’s community of learning and who assume a high level of involvement in their children’s education.