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At Rivendell we believe that all knowledge is unified and that every subject has relevance for every other subject. Practically, this means that subjects are not taught in isolation but rather in constant conversation with one another. Works of literature are understood in their historical or cultural context, and the prevalent religious and philosophical ideas of their time must be understood in that context as well. Even math and science, while typically having a more formal character, were not drafted in a vacuum, but were themselves historical and philosophical events. A Rivendell education recognizes this interconnectedness and, whenever possible, interdisciplinary study will be emphasized through the use of integral thematic units. This educational approach also eliminates the need for a “Bible” or “worldview” class. A student’s entire time at Rivendell will be a study in Biblical worldview, with an emphasis on exploring God’s world at all times and in all disciplines.

"I love that at Rivendell subjects were never taught in isolation, but always making connections; for example, writing poetry while studying about World War I."
- Raquel, Rivendell Alumna

"When I was young, everyone had to be a craftsman because we did unit projects.  That's what I miss in high school . . . I want to be a craftsman again."
- Robert, Rivendell Alumnus


Integral Units of Study at Rivendell School

Patterns in Creation (Year 1)
Patterns: A World of Clues
Earth and Space
Sunshine and Storms
Biomes and Animals
Patterns in Community (Year 2)
Patterns in Creation
Native Americans
Christmas/The Gift of Giving


Surviving and Thriving in New Worlds (Year 1)
Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes
New World/Colonial Christmas
One Nation Under God
Character Matters
Plant Kingdom
Don't miss the Wonders (Year 2)
The Hidden Wonders of The Beach
Wonders of the Animal Kingdom
The Wonders of the USA
Fairy Tales: Tales of Wisdom and Wonder
Wonders of the Human Body
Where Does Your Treasure Lie? (Year 1)
Age of Discovery: Where does your Treasure Lie?
Latin America: Treasure of Sacrifice
Middle East: Treasure of Tradition
Shakespeare’s Europe: Treasure of the Spoken Word
Asian Sub-Continent: The Treasure of India
Great Commission: Sharing our Treasure with the World
On a Journey (Year 2)
Geography Toolbox: Where are you Headed?
Journey through Africa: Land of Stories
Journey through Russia: Land of Contrasts
A Journey West: Westward Expansion
Journey through China: Land of Walls, Doors, Bridges
Dangerous Journey


Responsibility: Who Am I?
Faith: Old Testament Era Kings & Kingdoms 
Compassion: A Christmas Carol
Self Discipline: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Loyalty: Forms of Government & U.S. Constitution 
Courage: Immigrants, Citizens, & Ambassadors
The Hero’s Journey (Year 1)
Ancient Greece: The Call to Adventure
Ancient Rome: Heroes and the Challenge of Power
Middle Ages: The Search for Security (in the Ultimate Hero)
Renaissance: The Heroic Desire to Discover
Reformation and the Counter Reformation Heroes: Qualities of a Courageous Stand
The Hero’s Journey for Today: The Hobbit
Man’s Hopes and Dreams, God’s Purposes (Year 2)
America’s Dream:  The American Revolution and Johnny Tremain
The Dream of the French Revolution:  France and America—Different Paths and Outcomes
The Testing of America’s Dream: The American Civil War
Dreams of a Better Life: The Industrial Revolution and Oliver Twist
Dreams and Disillusionment: World War I and Poetry
False Dreams:  The Russian Revolution and Animal Farm
The Dream Survives:  America’s Great Depression
Defending Freedom’s Dream:  World War II and The Hiding Place
Dreams in Conflict: The Cold War
Our Personal Dreams:  Coming of Age and To Kill a Mockingbird
The Nature of Light
The Creation of the Universe
Simple Machines
Contributions of the Ancient Greeks
Contributions of the Ancient Romans
An introduction to Chemistry
The Atom
The Periodic Table
Cells: The Building Blocks of Life
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Electricity and Magnetism
The Industrial Revolution
Newtonian Physics
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Climate Change

"The simulations we do at Rivendell bring to life what we are learning and are so much fun."