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Prayer is at the heart of Rivendell, as we seek God's heart for our children and our community, and it is the backbone of Rivendell, making us strong as we look to God for strength and direction.  The recognition of how essential prayer is to our school is reflected in the policy that time spent in prayer at the weekly Intercessors gathering or in individual prayer through the Rivendell Prayer Team is counted as parent volunteer hours.  

Intercessors is a wonderful opportunity to gather with other Rivendell parents to pray about our school activities, faculty and staff, students, families and community, and all Rivendell parents are invited to participate.  Intercessors meets weekly in the Chapel; contact the school office for more information.  There is a notebook in the office for the submission of prayer requests.  All community members are invited to submit requests.

The Rivendell Prayer Team is another way to be involved with prayer at Rivendell. A different member of the Rivendell Prayer Team spends a time of concentrated prayer for Rivendell on a certain day of each month. If you are interested in taking a day, please contact the school office to be put in touch with the Intercessors/Prayer Team coordinator.