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Rivendell School offers a Christ-centered education for children Kindergarten-8th grade. The school’s overarching theme is embedded in its motto: “Helping children explore God’s world and discover their place in it.”

We believe that a well-trained mind and a virtuous heart prepare a student to understand and successfully engage this world. To this end, a Rivendell education includes the pursuit of academic challenge as well as the nurturing of godly character. We call this whole-child education.

At Rivendell, we not only teach our students to read deeply, think critically, write clearly, and calculate accurately, but we also seek to capture their imaginations in our goal of igniting their hearts and minds and cultivating a desire for life-long learning.

A Rivendell education includes ample opportunities to build internal character and fortitude and to cultivate relationships. We recognize that we live in a world that is fallen yet also is being redeemed. We choose not to shelter our children from all that is broken so that we can teach them to recognize where there is hope for redemption and the role they might play in God’s plan for restoration.

We invite you to explore and discover more about who we are and our unique teaching philosophy and practices by reading the following documents: