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Need a refresher on how to enter service hours in ParentsWeb?

First, click on the ParentsWeb link on the Parents page of or go directly to ParentsWeb at

Login to ParentsWeb.  The login is the same for the Parents page of the Rivendell website and for ParentsWeb.  If you need help resetting your password, follow this link.

Once you are logged into ParentsWeb, you will see a main menu.  Click on the Family Information menu item on the left-hand side of the page.

The Family Information screen will appear.  The first family member will be highlighted in blue.  To enter Service Hours for this family member, click on Service Hours to the right of the name.  To switch to another family member, click on that family member's name, and then click on Service Hours to the right of the name.

When you click on Service Hours, a button for Add Service Hours will appear just below.  Click on Add Service Hours and the screen for inputting service hours will appear.

Enter the Date, Description, and number of Hours.  The Note and Verified By are optional but can be useful for out-of-the-ordinary projects.  Click Save.  The Service Hours that have been entered FOR THIS FAMILY MEMBER will display.  To see the Service Hours for another family member, click on the Family Information menu item on the left and then select a different family member and click on Service Hours once again.

If you find this cumbersome, you may enjoy using the RenWeb app, with which you can enter service hours more quickly on a phone- or tablet-based app.  For more information about the app, which has a per-family cost of $4.99 for a 12-month subscription, please click here.

If you need additional help entering service hours, please contact the Office.