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  • Changes in Life?

    Different email?  New job?  Just discovered allergies?  Please update your information regularly in ParentsWeb.  Updating your information keeps the online directory current and allows the staff to contact you in case of an emergency.  Remember, you can access ParentsWeb from the Parents page of our website or by clicking here.  Once logged in, select Web Forms/Family Demographic Forms.  And remember to save!

  • Shop with Scrip

    How would you like to turn your Starbucks latte or your Safeway or Target weekly shopping into a donation to Rivendell without paying 1 extra penny?

    Here is how…
    Shop with Scrip!

    Shop with Scrip is a gift card purchase program where you purchase gift cards at FACE value and Rivendell receives a percentage of the purchase. Orders are made online at It’s a Win-Win situation – you get some shopping done while blessing our school! The money raised will go to the PTA fund, which is used by our teachers each year to purchase improvements for our classrooms and buildings. You can purchase cards for everyday shopping like grocery stores, Amazon, Lands’ End, Target, Starbucks, etc. Just do the following:

    • Go to and click on register.
    • Click the option to Join a Scrip Program.
    • Enter the following enrollment code for Rivendell: F42L6BCL45981.
    • Create an account.
    • Enable Presto Pay to pay with your checking account online and follow instructions. (or you can order by check but expect 3-4 weeks for processing).
    • Start shopping!!
    • Download the new MyScripWallet app to quickly manage and reload existing cards.

    Contact Becky Wagner at with any questions. 

  • Box Tops for Education

    One of the many ways Rivendell earns additional funds is through the Box Tops for Education program. Recent earnings have been more than $500! Please submit any cardboard Box Tops and Bonus Certificates in zip-lock bags to the Office by Friday, October 21 so we can meet the fall submission deadline. (And please keep bringing them to the Office throughout the year for a spring submission). There are five ways to earn Box Tops:

    1. Cut out un-expired cardboard Box Tops on General Mills, Kleenex and Zip-lock products, collect them into a zip-lock bag, and drop off at the Office. Get students involved in spotting them and cutting them out!

    2. Collect Bonus Box Tops certificates (include in zip-lock bag with regular Box Tops). Here’s where to find Bonus Certificates:

    • In stores during special promotions
    • On specially-marked packages
    • At checkout, printed on your receipt

    3. If you receive a 14-digit Bonus Box Tops code at checkout or on a package, redeem it at the following link to be added to Rivendell’s account (you will have to create an account the first time): Rivendell’s school ID is 583472.

    4. Download and use the “Box Tops Bonus App” when you purchase General Mills or other participating brand products.

    5. Link your Safeway “just for U” card to Rivendell in your account:

    Katherine Taylor is the new coordinator for Rivendell this fall. Please feel free to contact her at katherinetaylor05@ with any questions. Thank you!

  • Raised on the Message

    Our Theme for the 2016-17 School Year is "Raised on the Message."  Throughout the year we will use Friday assemblies, classroom discussions, devotions, and seminars to explore together what it means to be immersed a family of faith and in the truth of God’s Word from childhood. The theme comes from I Timothy 4:6: "You’ve been raised on the Message of the faith and have followed sound teaching. Now pass on this counsel to the followers of Jesus there, and you’ll be a good servant of Jesus."  We look forward to exploring this together throughout the year.

  • Intercessors

    Parents gather in the Chapel every Wednesday at 9:00 am to pray for concerns within our community.  This ministry to our community may be the most significant (and most unappreciated) work we do on behalf of our children and our community.  Please make an effort to join, if even for only a few minutes.   All are welcome, and younger siblings are also welcome. 

  • Carpool Matters

    Thank you to all parents who have taken care to avoid blocking driveways and intersections during afternoon pick-up.  Remember, this is not only courteous to our neighbors, it is required by Arlington County Code. Please do not allow traffic to back up onto Lee Highway.  If necessary, cautiously drive around stopped cars on Kensington Street, park your car, and walk with your child.
    Please review – and encourage whoever picks up your children to review – our Drop-off and Pick-up guidelines, linked on our Parents page of the website. We also encourage you to arrange a carpool, if possible, so take a look at the map of our families, also linked on our Parents page. And always, drive carefully in the neighborhood. We want to be good neighbors.