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Re-enrollment, step-by-step:

Enrollment for the following school year is contingent upon completion of the current school year in good academic standing, fulfillment of financial responsibilities, and completion of parent involvement hours.  You will receive a notice of Enrollment Confirmation once all items are complete.

Re-Enrollment, Part 1

Paper Application, Initial Deposit, Parent Hours Check-In, and Scholarship Application (if applicable).  If you're up to date with Parent Hours, letters were sent home first week of January.
Deadline: January 31.  

Re-Enrollment, Part 2 (online forms open April 1 - no fooling!)

Final Deposit, Online Form Completion, and Parent Hours Update

Deadline: May 1

The second part of re-enrollment requires the completion of the re-enrollment deposit and the online Parent and Student Forms.  Parent Hours must be updated, as well.

1.  Final Re-enrollment Deposit
The re-enrollment deposit must be completed by May 1. The total re-enrollment deposit is $500 per child; $100 was paid in January, so unless you paid the full amount in January, $400 is due May 1.  Note that families receiving scholarship assistance pay a total per student re-enrollment deposit of $200:  $100 was due in January and $100 is due May 1.   The non-refundable re-enrollment deposit is applied toward next year’s tuition and will be deducted from the July 1 tuition payment.  Be sure you have also completed your tuition payments for the current school year. 

2.  Form Completion
Note:  the online re-enrollment online forms do not work well with a smartphone, therefore using a computer is advised (the web browsers advised to use are either Chrome or Firefox).

Online re-enrollment forms are located on ParentsWeb.  After you log-in to ParentsWeb, go to the left menu under Family Information and click "Re-enrollment".  An Enrollment screen with your child's name on it will appear.

3.  Update Parent Hours
Meaningful involvement of parents is an essential part of our students’ Rivendell education, not only by supporting students through engagement at home, but also at school.  Parents are required to average 12 hours per month of service to the school, for a total of 108 hours per school year.  Parents with only a Kindergartener are required to average 10 hours per month, or 90 hours total per school year.  By the end of April, families on pace to reach the requirement should have completed 96 hours, or 80 for Kindergarten-only.  Be sure you have updated your completed hours on ParentsWeb.  Questions may be directed to Parent Involvement Coordinators.

If you have any questions, please call the office 703-532-1200 or email Thank you!