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Math in Focus

Rivendell School began using a new math curriculum for grades K through 6 in Fall 2017 after piloting the curriculum with grades 5 and 6 with great success in 2016-17.  For more background information about the Math in Focus curriculum and the philosophy behind this approach, please view the slides that were presented at the October 19, 2017 Vision Night.  Additionally, specific suggestions and resources for parents are listed below.

How Can I Help My Child?

  • Encourage your child to think mathematically and to maintain a positive attitude about math.
  • Remind them to think about what they are doing not just rely on a procedure or algorithm.
  • When he is stuck, recommend drawing a model or diagram to represent the problem.
  • Encourage critical thinking.
  • Look in the text book or at the online chapter by chapter videos to understand the topics being taught.
  • Suggest he meet with his teacher to get help.